रविवार, 26 फ़रवरी 2017

Five Point Review - "SAIRAT"

 Sairat - official trailer

I watched this movie today on Zee Yuva channel.This is first time I watched the movie, though it had been released in cinemas 8 months back.
My review goes as following. I liked the movie finding overall good in the departments of direction, music, script etc.

1. Movie is about teen age boy and girl love story.( may be school going or college going????)
2. It may set a bad example for our teen agers , to run away from homes since parents are not accepting their love.
3. It also shows too much stubbornness of parents  , which in my openion , should not be here in modern days.

4. Music/songs are good and melodious.
5.Scenes relating to make a living , the couple doing jobs/ looking to buy a home / having a child / etc etc seems to dramatic.

Over all good entertaining movie. Can be given *** and 1/2 star rating.